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The Café's History

It all started with Skittles...and an EMT class
where the Instructor (Mona Lisa) had to
eventually separate Jen and Christine due to
peals of laughter and practical jokes! A
friendship that began with a sugar rush
eventually became a shared  family , and
collective businesses with Jen’s husband Chip,
of catering, a wedding rental business, a
roadside farm-stand (Shady Grove) and so much
life in between... to a beautiful Café that took
Chip 3 years to complete, in all his spare time,
off the Maine Coast on the beautiful Island of

After years of collaborating and raising our
clan, bouncing around the idea of opening a café
became reality one day when Chip declared, “We
are doing it!”, and sure enough, we did. Well,
mostly Chip did, and I’m sure he’ll tell you we
drove him crazy, but only Chip would build his
wife and her best friend a place to call their
own, so... Two Birds Café was born!

We are grateful to our families, our Sister
Bird, Polly, and our special island community
that helped in myriad ways, always encouraging.
Two Birds Café is a dream come true.

xo Jen&co

About The Staff

Christine is a trained pastry chef, artist and
sculptor. She is funny as heck and laughs out
loud at the mundane. An incredible mother of
three wonderful kids and owner of Odin, a
ginormous dog and constant companion.

Chip is a trained Cordon Bleu chef, full-time
electrician, and follows his true passion of
being a farmer when time allows. Chip is
fathomless in his abilities. He is father of an
awesome and exuberant 6 year old, Hayden.

Jen is a retired Merchant Mariner and mother of
that same awesome 6 year old. She truly loves
her life, and in spite of what she says about
her 90 chickens, she loves them too. Jen is

over joyed at never having to cook dinner...
seriously, can you imagine how incredible that

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